Lecheek Pump X3
Lecheek Pump X3
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Lecheek Pump X3 | Now on Sale at Tigerfitness

Lecheek Nutrition proudly presents you Pump X3 The ultimate PUMP product. Pump X3 was specifically designed to help generate a sick muscle pump and strength volumizer. With key ingredients like Agamatine Sulfate, Creatine HCI, Vitamin C, and Betaine Anhydrous. It doesn't matter if you lift weights, cross train, or are an endurance athlete. Pump X3 is for EVERYBODY. Every athlete reaches a certain point of failure when training. Latic acid build up in the muscle happens no matter what. Fight the build up with Agamatine Sulfate which will help you buffer the latic acid and push you're training past failure. Timing: Take 1-2 Servings 30 minutes before any form of exercise or workout. Result: Enchanced blood flow, oxygen, and nutrient delivery into muscle. Greater exercise output and ATP production.

Does Pump X3 Contain Stims?
No Pump X3 is a non-stim based Pre-Workout. Can Pump X3 be stacked with a different Pre-Workout? Yes definitely! If you're looking for a mix of energy and pumps it's a perfect stack with our Speed X3.
Can this only be used for the Gym?
No the greatest feature of Pump X3 is it can be used for any form of activity and exercise. Weather your a bodybuilder or a cross-fitter it can be used by a wide array of different people performing different activities.
When should I take Pump X3? Does it have to be with food or empty stomach?
Pump X3 should be taken 30 minutes prior to exercise. Pump X3 should be taken on an empty stomach for best results.
Is it okay for a drug-tested athlete to use Pump X3?
Although none of our products contain illegal substances, the answer to this question depends on what the specific athletic governing body is testing for. The NCAA, for example, prohibits the use of stimulants (such as Caffeine). We advise that athletes consult with their respective governing bodies to ensure their supplement regimen is within guidelines and obtain clearance prior to using any Lecheek Nutrition product.*"

I'm a Cross fitter Can I take this before?
Yes you can definitely take Pump X3 before a WOD. It's the perfect product to help you perform at a high level. Unlike most Pre-Workouts Pump X3 does not contain any stimulants which are vaso constrictors and effect blood flow to the muscle.
If someone is currently on prescription medication; can they take Pump X3?
If you are currently taken a prescribed medication and/or suffer from a previously diagnosed medical condition, we request that you consult your physician prior to using any Lecheek product. Product labels and supplement facts are available on our website for your physicians review

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