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Our Story

I'm Jim - A serial entrepreneur who decided to go offline for his next start up, tackling the US food & obesity problem by creating a healthy snack company focusing on gluten free snack bars. They are healthy and use no preservatives, no added sugar and low fat, very simple. Yes, its actual food that your eating, and its good for you!

Jimmybar is based in Chicago distributed throughout the US. We're a small family company (1 brother, 2 sisters) and working out of a third sisters office. We are dedicated to making the most honest and clean portable snacks available.

Here's our story:

The idea for JimmyBar! came after I saw the movie Food, INC and was disgusted by what the big food companies were feeding us. All processed chemicals, no real food, marketing campaigns lying to us, and we wonder why America has an estimated 30% of the population that's obese. Its also not a wonder that our kids are getting sick in large numbers. The US diet has changed so dramatically in the past 50 years, we stopped eating real food and started eating processed food. Its time to go back.

So in 2009 I decided to change my diet but simply couldn't find a healthy "grab-n-go" option as a snack or meal replacement. I travel about 40% of every month and just needed to eat something fast but good, no processed junk. Like most people, I thought I could rely on the Energy Bars section of my grocery store until I had the novel idea of actually reading the ingredients lists...Try it sometime: Rice Maltodextrin, Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysates, cane syrup, corn syrup -what a bunch of posers! They promote themselves as healthy but in truth they are garbage. Unnecessarily high levels of processed protein to market to jocks who think the'll get muscles, high sugar counts for "energy" and bad taste.

Enough was enough. I knew in order to find a bar with ingredients I didn't need a PhD in Chemistry to understand, I'd have make them myself. I enlisted the help of my sister Annette, a Chicago restaurateur and owner of Filippo's Ristorante in Chicago's Lincoln Park and we got cookin'. She worked her culinary magic right out of her restaurant kitchen and we started cranking out samples for friends,family, coworkers, everybody became test monkeys.

Their feedback helped shape the four delicious flavors we offer today - with no empty calories, high fructose corn syrup, GMO glucose, or jacked-up protein levels . Just real, recognizable, nutritious ingredients with no gluten or dairy to boot! Heck, a 5-year-old could read our ingredients. How many bars can say that?

Thanks to our devoted fans in Chicago and our new friends from coast to coast, you now have a healthy choice in the snack aisle: JimmyBar!

Eat and enjoy!