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We at Heuer M.D. Research have an established reputation for introducing products with true scientifically researched   ingredients and genuinely new and novel components.  We engineer results producing products formulated to  make   logical, clinical and physiological sense.  Only the highest quality ingredients are used, each undergoing an intense and  rigorous quality assurance analysis through our manufacturers who are certified Current Good   Manufacturing  Practice.  We also have our own clinical research center where we are   able to test concepts and  some finished   products. These formulations are meticulously developed with your body, health and performance goals in mind.

The priority of providing products which work as claimed with multiple health benefits is paramount. Our most recent  product, CARDIASHRED™, is no exception.  This product’s  synergies of multiple ingredients actively perform in several ways to help achieve unique weight loss and muscle building goals.  I formulated CARDIASHRED™ to have numerous  heart healthy ingredients. Elite athletes have a higher incidence of mortality from sudden cardiac events.  We want to help you be healthier.

Our goal is to always use more than one active ingredient or mechanism to accomplish the objective.  We consistently rely on several clinically researched ingredients in combination  with value added components at logical amounts just to help you be healthier.  We will initiate clinical trials on new and novel ingredients when necessary along with our clinical research partners and ingredient industry experts.

We are here to change the supplement "horizon".  We believe there is so much more which can be done to make supplements great.

We are confident you will like our "smart" and "efficacious" products!

Happy and Healthy Living!

Marv Heuer, M.D.