HG4 Up 80ct. | Applied Nutraceuticals
HG4 Up 80ct. | Applied Nutraceuticals
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HG4 UP by Applied Nutraceuticals | On Sale Now at Tigerfitness.com

If you thought HGH UP was the GH support product to hit the market, just wait until you try HG4 UP. With 4 all new complexes, the effects are better than ever. You don't have to max out every time you hit the gym, but you do need to maximize what you put into your body every day to reach your power potential. Hg4-up is a potent new enteric ghrh-mediated gh support from applied nutriceuticals that promotes gh levels, which helps maximize deep, restful sleep.* reinvigorated sleep from HG4-up helps stimulate new muscle growth for amplified strength and endurance gains, as well as increasing muscle size and hardness.*

We took our best-selling product HGH Up and made it more effective with the combination of "4" complexes:

  1. somatopasic ex terafusion
  2. gabatropic ffa-substrate
  3. p2y2 nootropil composite
  4. meta-factorial anti-dc composite

New and Improved

In addition to the grouping of "4" complexes that symbiotically work together to maximize results, our revolutionary new HG4-Up formula utilizes several new innovations from our original HGH-Up formula.

  1. Enteric Capsule Coating-delays the release of the ingredients in HG4-Up by up to one hour by preventing stomach acidity from dissolving the capsule. this helps utilize the initial powerful surge of natural GH that occurs in the first 90 minutes of sleep, while allowing for a secondary effect from the potent GH-releasing ingredients present in HG4-Up.*
  2. Hormonal Optimization-the release of free fatty acids can blunt GH release, but HG4-Up's ingredients GABAtropic FFA-Static Substrate been shown to temporarily reverse this effect, thus preserving activity and optimizing hormonal utilization.
  3. P2Y Activators-HG4-Up contains ingredients that utilize and sensitize the P2Y receptors (the P2Y2-Nootropil Composite) and increase acetylcholine levels.* P2Y receptors are important for anabolic signaling, blood flow, neurotransmission, and growth factors, while enhanced acetylcholine levels are associated with enhanced GH levels.*

Normal GH pulses occur throughout the day. During a typical day, there are 10 pulses of gh secretion lasting on average 96.4 minutes with 128 minutes between each pulse. however, the largest gh pulse occurs during stages 3 and 4 of the sleep cycle. gh pulses during sleep occur at nearly triple the rate of gh pulses during the day.

Timing of the dose and manipulating insulin levels before sleep is important while using hg4. Best results occur when a 3-4 capsule dosage is taken at bedtime, preferably with a slow-digesting protein or 12. oz. of fluid.

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