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Gear Cycle 180ct.
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Receptor Blitzing Technology With Anobol-50, Dura-Test And More!

Prepare yourself for a new dimension of pro-testosterone & anti-aromatase enhancement! Fizogen unleashes yet another superior technological advancement that will shock the performance enhancement world! Your gym is about to be invaded with a ferocious onslaught of hardcore receptor blitzing power! Gear Cycle contains an all-new high-tech array of extremely powerful anabolic, pro-testosterone and anti-aromatase compounds that will incite pure anabolic fury upon you like nothing ever before! Gear Cycle is especially fast acting! In fact, you will feel an unquenchable need to attack every weight in the gym after only a few minutes of taking it! Your androgenic rage will challenge any weight, any set, any rep. Nothing will dare get in your way! Gear Cycle is simply the most powerful attitude provoking, energy exploding anabolic stack on the market! Get ready to enter all-out anabolic warfare. Brace yourself to experience Pure anabolic activity unchained, enraged and battle ready! It's time you "treated" yourself to a "new level" of insane anabolic butt kicking!

Gear Cycle Contains the Following Powerful Ingredients:

ANOBOL 50 - (Acetate Modified Pro-Anabolic Agent)
This cutting edge, patent pending, phyto-steroidal substrate is the most advanced natural purely anabolic legal performance enhancement agent in existence! With an acetate ester modified delivery protocol, absorption of the parent anabolic compound is dramatically increased. This compound may provide dramatic support for enhanced rates of protein synthesis and muscle repair after intense workouts.

ORODROL - (Orotic Acid Anabolic Driving Blend)
This blend is an additional patent pending agent designed by Fizogen's elite science team. These specialized orotic acid driving agents help to multiply the anabolic effect of this formula to pre-ban levels. Orotic acid has been shown to have dramatic anabolic effects in human studies and promotes the synthesis of DNA via its role as an intermediate base in the formation of Uracil. OA's powerful anabolic effects are closely related to this DNA/RNA formation bioprocess, which of course is the initiation of building block information required at the onset of any new muscle growth. The endurance enhancement effect and neuro-stimulating properties of OA are very well documented and will also enhance workout drive, intensity, energy, endurance and overall performance in the gym. When stacked with ANOBOL 50, the synergistic anabolic effect is extreme!

DURA-TEST - (Fast-Acting Pro-Testosterone Trigger)
Duratest is a naturally derived and extracted blend of specialized steroidal sapponin and unique precursor compounds designed to help stimulate anabolic bio-synthesis and increased blood levels of testosterone. Heightened levels of testosterone may help provide additional energy, focus, intensity and muscle repair in the gym. Dura-test is the most powerful blend of testosterone stimulating compounds available on the market.

CLOMIDREN - (Anti-Aromatase/Pro-Testosterone Fusion)
This new estrogen-inhibiting compound is designed to help inhibit the formation and activity of estrogen in the body by inhibiting receptor affinity. Reduced levels of estrogen trigger increased testosterone production via negative feedback loop bio-mechanism and may synergistically stimulate a multiplied endogenous output of testosterone when combined with Dura-test. Reduced estrogen levels may also contribute to a harder, more defined physique, and enhanced energy levels.

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