Controlled Labs White Pump 30serv.
Controlled Labs White Pump
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Controlled Labs White Pump | Now on Sale at TigerFitness

Everyone loves a good hyperemia! A what? Hyperemia is the scientific term for a PUMP. A pump is the increase of blood flow to different tissues in the body through vasodilation. One can achieve a pump when one works out with great intensity in the gym. A good workout will give you a decent pump, but ingesting certain compounds can help your body increase its own natural ability to induce pumps.

White Pump™ combines the most complete pump based ingredients to let you experience a pump like no other. Now that you have a great pump on, let’s keep it going longer. White Pump™ also includes endurance enhancers that will help you stay in the gym longer by keeping your body from accumulating byproducts of muscular use. White Pump™ keeps you pumping on and on!

While most people enjoy the feeling of the pump, it has some very useful functions in the body including oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscle tissue and removal of harmful exercise byproducts, like lactic acid and carbon dioxide. When your muscles are fed and their waste removed they are able to function at the top of their game. Give your muscles a spa treatment with White Pump™ and harness the benefits: lift more weight, run farther and hit that ball harder than ever before!

White Pump™ is free of artificial colors and tastes delicious. Stack White Pump™ with White Flood Reborn™ for the most intense workout of your life.

  • Fast Acting and Fast Absorbing
  • Endurance and Extreme Pumps
  • Nutrient Delivery and Recovery
  • Caffeine and Stimulant Free
  • Carb Free, Creatine and Dye Free

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