Champion Nutrition Pure Whey Fusion 5lb.
Champion Nutrition Pure Whey Fusion
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Champion Nutrition Pure Whey Fusion | Now on sale at Tigerfitness

Most athletes know by now that the way to recover is to take protein before and after training. Research into nutrient timing has shown that you recover up to six times faster as a result. But new research shows that if you aren’t getting carbohydrate with your protein during training you may be working your tail off for nothing! If you have stopped growing and don’t know why, this may be your problem. If you have stopped getting stronger this may be the answer. If your stamina has been so-so, this may kick your workouts back into high gear.

Pure Whey Fusion gives you stronger workouts and superior recovery.
  • Better stamina (lower perceived exertion) throughout your training session
  • Faster increases in strength
  • Faster growth as a result of harder workouts and improved nutrient intake
Benefits From Insulin's Release

When you take carbs during “High Insulin Sensitivity” (a.k.a. HIS), a condition that occurs after twenty minutes of intense training and lasts up to a half-hour after training, you can obtain the maximum growth potential from the nutrients you take in. During this time, carbs are driven straight into muscle to supercharge your workouts and create stored glycogen for tomorrow’s torture session. Stronger workouts mean more muscle stimulation and that’s how muscles start growing again.

  • Mixes Instantly
  • No Aspartame
  • Low-Lactose
  • Nutrient-timing efficient
  • Up to 20g of Whey Protein per Serving

Try Pure Whey Fusion today and see for yourself why better workouts make everything happen faster.

From hardcore bodybuilders to fitness enthusiastss, Pure Whey Fusion is the answer for optimal recovery!

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