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Carb Products

In the Health and Fitness industry, carbohydrates tend to get overlooked by many due to the risk of adding fat. This can be a valid fear if carbs are not regulated, but you can also suffer from not adding enough carbs into your regimen. When carbohydrates are combined with protein or ingested earlier in the day, it minimizes the risk of carbs being stored as fat. Your primary energy supply during a workout is muscle glycogen and the most effective way to restore glycogen is to replenish it with fast digesting carbs immediately (such as MTS Nutrition Carb 10™).

Who benefits from carb loading?

Anyone who is living an active lifestyle will benefit from additional carbs when staying between 40-45% of their daily macronutrients. The group that will see the most results from carb loading are performance based athletes that train multiple times per day or compete in multiple events over a short time period. These athletes will need higher than 40-45% carbs in their daily macros. In order to perform at optimal levels, these athletes desperately need the carb loading in their diet to maintain the energy and explosiveness they began with. Don't let your performance suffer, add some carbs to your order today!

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