CT Fletcher's Rapid-Test 63ct.
CT Fletcher's Rapid-Test 63ct.
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CT Fletcher's Rapid-Test

CT Fletcher's Rapid-Test is a one of a kind rapid release testosterone booster designed for Iron Addicts!! This powerful testosterone supplement is dosed with clinically researched ingredients and increased testosterone in test subjects within just 10 hours! Rapid-Test contains anti-estrogen properties and may help improve your strength, muscular development, and performance. Take your training to new heights with Rapid-Test, brought to you by the Original Iron Addict, CT Fletcher!

What is it?

CT Fletcher asked, and we delivered! This is one powerful ultra-potent testosterone-boosting product formulated to quickly drive up testosterone levels. Using clinically studied ingredients, vitamins, and minerals, this sets the new standard in testosterone-boosting products.

How is it different than other formulas?

Once again, our researchers reviewed hundreds of studies looking for the most potent ingredients, keeping in mind that efficacy and safety are the number one priorities in all of iSatori’s products. Through our vigorous investigation of the literature, Rapid-Test became a precise combination of natural ingredients which have been shown to support the quick release and production of testosterone, significantly increasing levels in the body. One of the key ingredients—TESTOSURGE™—is one of bodybuilding’s best-kept secrets, as its ability to quickly boost testosterone levels has been confirmed in multiple published studies. It works synergistically with the other ingredients to quickly and maximally boost testosterone levels.

What are each of the ingredients, and what does the science say about them?

Here is what the scientific evidence says for each of the ingredients:

600 mg of TESTOSURGE
  • TESTOSURGE™ has been specially extracted to yield a highly purified, standardized composition that has been clinically studied for its effect on testosterone
  • Research has shown that TESTOSURGE™ significantly increases anabolic hormones
  • In one study, participants using 600 mg of TESTOSURGE™ showed significant increases in free, total, and bio-available testosterone after 10 hours of consuming
500 mg Tribulus Extract
  • Studies suggest that Tribulus terrestris (otherwise known as Tribulus, or by the active compounds saponins) may be a natural stimulant of luteinizing hormone, which signals the body to make more testosterone
  • Tribulus extract increases the production of testosterone, supporting lean mass gains, strength, exercise recovery, energy levels, and sexual health
  • Other studies have shown that participants experienced increased libido, sexual behavior, and sperm production
25 mg Calcium D-glucarate
  • A study from 2009 discovered that if athletes had more calcium in their blood serum, they also had much higher free testosterone levels
  • Calcium D-glucarate has the ability to "balance" an individual’s hormone levels, creating a more favorable androgen:estrogen ratio
10 mg Boron (as boron citrate)
  • A beneficial bioactive element that enhances optimal function throughout life and is necessary for the formation of steroid hormones
  • A clinical study in 2011 showed that 10 mg of boron supplementation increased the level of free testosterone
100% Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol)
  • Vitamin D plays a major role in male steroidogenesis—the synthesis of steroids
  • Vitamin D is involved in the regulation of male androgen metabolism, which includes testosterone
525% Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride)
  • Vitamin B6 is a precursor for multiple androgens (male sex hormones, including testosterone)
  • Vitamin B6 is also responsible for carrying out a number of functions—boosts testosterone levels but further regulates the production of androgens
333% Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin)
  • Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin and plays a critical role in numerous biochemical reactions for producing hormones, DNA, and red blood cells
  • A deficiency or low levels of B12 can make you feel tired and weak, as well as lead to poor muscle function
200% Zinc (as zinc monomethionine and aspartate)
  • Zinc is an essential trace element involved in a range of vital biochemical processes and required for the activity of over 300 enzymes
  • Supplementing with zinc can help replace "depleted" levels from weight training and the literature suggests that zinc may also contribute to elevating to serum testosterone

What kind of results can I expect from using it?

It was designed to rapidly increase testosterone levels to help maximize your workout potential, allowing you to build more strength and size. You should feel energized and ready to dominate in the gym. After a few weeks, you will notice you are getting leaner as your muscles start to pop. Your virility will be approaching a maximum, and you will feel great at the gym and in the bedroom!

Why should I use it?

Whether you have a testosterone issue or not, Rapid-Test contains several ingredients that drive and support the production of testosterone. You know testosterone is king when it comes to strength and muscle building and that males produce less test as we age. This product will help you dominate every workout, set, and rep in the gym. And as CT Fletcher says, “If you want to be a certified card-carrying KING OF THE GYM, then you must get on Rapid-Test.”

Do I need to "load" or "cycle"?

There is no need to load or cycle. Key ingredients have been selected based on the clinical research or theoretical physiological dosages that have been documented in studies to be efficacious. This is an herbal-based supplement, formulated using natural ingredients, which have not been shown to lower your body’s own production of testosterone. It is, however, always a good idea to take a one to two week break after using any supplement for a prolonged period of time.

Are there any known side effects?

No, there are not any known side effects. This product was formulated using natural ingredients that have been well researched through rigorous investigation. When used at the instructed dosages, it should not yield any unwanted side effects. It is always suggested that, like with any supplement or exercise program, you check with your primary physician to ensure you are in good health and there are no contraindications with medications or existing conditions.

Are there other supplements I should take to enhance the benefits?

It was designed with one goal in mind, and that was to increase testosterone levels in the body. To obtain the maximal benefit from your training, there are a few other supplements that should be consumed. These include protein (about 20 – 30 grams taken before and after training), creatine (supplemented daily but ideally within minutes after each training session), and a high-quality multivitamin for added insurance.

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