Biotest Tribex 74 ct.
Biotest Tribex
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Supplement Facts

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Contains A High Quality, Potent Testosterone-Boosting Compound!*

Tribex contains a high quality, potent Testosterone-boosting compound!* The goal is to stimulate the body to increase its own Testosterone levels all the way up to what's considered high normal (+1000 ng/dl).* The secret to the success of Tribex is found in its super potent, one-of-a-kind extract of genuine, Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris and eurycoma longfolia.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much muscle can I expect to gain?
Individuals vary enormously, and muscle gains have as much to do with proper training, overall nutrition, rest, and genetic capabilities as they do with testosterone levels. However, almost everyone should experience additional muscle mass when their testosterone levels are elevated.*

Will it help me burn fat?
One of the many effects of an elevated testosterone level is increased lipolysis.* High testosterone levels not only accelerate muscle buildup and shorten recovery times, but they also increase the overall metabolic rate, thereby burning high amounts of body fat.*

Will taking Tribex make me fail any drug tests?
None of the components of Tribex are on any list of banned substances. It is possible; however, that a blood test might indicate that you have higher-than-normal testosterone levels.

Is there any reason to cycle Tribex?
Yes, we believe that there are two effective ways to cycle Tribex. We recommend either a 4 weeks on, 2 weeks off protocol, or you can opt for a 5 days on, 2 days off schedule. Both methods have been shown to produce excellent results. You may want to experiment between the two to see if one way works better for your particular physiology.

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