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Beyond Protein 30serv | Wfit Nutrition
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No gluten. No preservatives. No trans fat. No hydrogenated oils. No HFCS. Beyond Protein s formulated to give you advantages over other protein supplements. Beyond Protein's high concentration of Di & Tri peptides - small protein molecules – is absorbed much more efficiently than other types of protein to help you fuel performance, muscle building and recovery. That's because the protein in Beyond Protein is hydrolyzed (broken down) into these much smaller protein molecules, increasing the rate and efficiency of absorption compared to proteins found in other products. What's more, with a crystalline fructose flavor system comparable to one half a medium sized apple (just one zone block of carbohydrates), Beyond Protein is ideal for a Paleo-inspired regimen. Here are a few of the many special features of this one-of-a-kind, highly soluble, hydrolyzed protein. Beyond Protein peptide concentration increases the rate of protein absorption. Di & Tri are absorbed at an increased rate compared to larger protein molecules or amino acids. That's because these small peptides are absorbed through special Peptide Transporters (PEPT-1&2), found at the beginning of the small intestine. These transporters can move greater amounts of protein into our body at a much more efficient rate than amino acid-transporters do. These small peptides can then enter your body intact, where they can then be quickly delivered to where they are needed. Beyond Protein supports increased nitrogen retention. One of the primary goals of protein supplementation is to increase nitrogen retention.

When your body increases its nitrogen retention, it's in a healthy growth and reparation mode. Once Beyond Protein's small peptides enter your body, they rush to where they are needed, providing your body with a much greater metabolic benefit than other forms of protein or amino acids. Di & Tri peptides delivered intact into general circulation, often acid excessive oxidation in the liver compared to supplemental amino acids. Beyond Protein supports enhanced muscle building and recovery by facilitating protein synthesis. When your body increases its nitrogen retention that means your body is able to boost protein synthesis—the process by which muscle tissue repairs itself after hard training sessions. In addition to rushing peptide nitrogen throughout your body, the peptides in Beyond Protein also help boost serum insulin and amino acid stores. These responses help drive the recovery and muscle-building processes. Beyond Protein supports other beneficial biological activity. Di & Tri peptides have biological activity beyond the benefits of individual amino acids. For example, they help increase the amount of PEPT transporters occupying the absorptive surface of your small intestine. This in turn allows more Di & Tri peptides absorbed, which continues to fuel your body's growth and repair, making Beyond Protein the choice for long-term performance, health and muscle recovery.

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