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Beverly International Pre & Post Workout Supplements

Shop Tiger Fitness’ huge selection of Beverly International protein supplements, proven workout supplements that serious bodybuilders, athletes and fitness-minded individuals rely on, and have relied on for decades. Read more below about the history behind Beverly International and their development of the best protein supplements on the market.

Or, browse the Beverly International product line below – check out a Tiger Fitness fan favorite: Lean Out. Lean Out by Beverly International is a “fat transporting” supplement that works to re-distribute fat in your body to highly active areas that can work with it (and get rid of it) quickly. Try Lean Out nutrition if you’re looking to slim, develop lean muscle mass and enjoy a quality Beverly International product.

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Beverly International Nutrition Products & Protein Supplements

The History: How Beverly International Got Started!

In the mid-1960s Jim Heflin was a director at the Beverly Hills Health Club and he was also working part-time at the International Health Club along with Bernie Ernst, a chiropractor and well-known bodybuilder. At the International Health Club, Bernie ran the vitamin sales counter and saw an opportunity at the Beverly Hills Club. He asked Heflin if he’d like to sell Bernie's new line of vitamins at the Beverly Hills Health Club. Jim agreed to manage and operate another vitamin sales counter, selling the new product line that Bernie titled Beverly International.

Beverly International started with 3 products:

  • Energy Pak - a vitamin and mineral supplement.
  • Liver and Yeast tablet combining the best animal and vegetable proteins.
  • Third was Zero-Carb protein that consisted of milk casein and animal glands.

At that time Bernie had just 2 outlets for his products - the vitamin concessions at the Beverly Hills Health Club and the International health Club.

By the end of the sixties Bernie Ernst became busy with his own syndicated TV exercise show, "Body Buddies," and offered to sell the business to Jim Heflin. Heflin saw the opportunity in taking over the franchise and accepted; he then began to power up the marketing for the company, upgrading and expanding the product line through the 1970s and 80s. Growing from its humble beginnings selling at just the Beverly Hills and International Health Clubs, Jim traveled around the country to gyms and bodybuilding contests to promote his Beverly Line. During these promotional travels, Jim met Roger Riedinger who was competing; by 1990, Riedinger became a distributor of Beverly International supplements. In January 1999, Jim offered the whole Beverly International business to Roger, who ended up buying it with wife Sandy.

Since then, Roger and Sandy have continued the efforts of Jim Heflin to produce top-quality protein supplements and to promote them to a larger market. Browse Tiger Fitness’ full selection of Beverly International muscle building supplements, including Beverly International Lean Out, protein, Beverly International muscle provider and Beverly International ultimate muscle protein.

Beverly International Mission

For Beverly International it has always been, (and always will be) about delivering results. From the day they started in 1967, Beverly International has never relied on dumping big-dollars into slick advertising and clever promotions. Beverly's success and reputation is the direct result of creating products that work and delivering services that truly allow people to reach their goals. Folks hear about them, try the products, get results and can’t help but tell someone else. It's just that simple.

One of the first things you'll notice about Beverly International is how devoted they are to helping you. Beverly International is committed to being the single resource you come to for advice on nutrition, training and the highest quality, most effective (drug-free) protein or muscle-building supplements in the world.

You can always count on Beverly International to deliver:

  • Products of the highest possible grade on the planet scientifically developed and proven to be the most effective.
  • Extensive, up to date, education that is easy to understand and benefit from.
  • The personal attention you want (and need) to identify, set and achieve your goals.
  • Service so outstanding, it will make you feel like the most important person in the world!

Beverly International Products

The phrase "you get what you pay for" is truer in the supplement industry than just about anywhere else. There is no shortage of nutritional supplements on the market today, and trying to see past the hype and marketing glitz can be a difficult task. Here's why Beverly International's protein supplements stand out above the rest:

  • Beverly International uses only premium ingredients, proven to work year after year.
  • They don't follow trends or seek higher profits by substituting cheaper or less effective ingredients and potencies.
  • Beverly International modifies a product formula only when they can make it improve results for the clients.
  • Beverly International always assumes all the risk for your purchase. If you do not get the results you want, you get a 100% refund. (I would love to see another company stand true to this statement like Beverly International)

What's more, you'll never even hear about a "new product" unless the research behind it has been published in peer-reviewed journals, and has demonstrated unequaled results in double-blind studies. Furthermore, if the same quality ingredients that were used in the lab cannot be duplicated for "real world" use, Beverly International will not make the product. In short, you'll never have to wonder about the effectiveness of anything you get from Beverly International.

What To Expect from these Protein Supplements

You'll discover that Beverly International works hard to set the standards for quality and performance in the industry, and then they work to exceed them! Beverly International’s world-class muscle-building supplements, training, education and personal support system available to bodybuilders and athletes of all types is UNMATCHED in this industry.

Beverly International continually educates their team of bodybuilding coaches and consultants so they can provide an unprecedented level of personalized service and ongoing support to ensure all clients reach their personal fitness goals.

You'll see and feel results when you use Beverly International protein supplements and take advantage of the nutrition and training advice they offer you, (and ultimately, thousands of others will see your results if you desire to display them on the competition stage).

No desire to compete? That's okay! You don't have to be interested in being a professional bodybuilder to benefit from Beverly International pre-workout supplements. Beverly International is perfectly happy to just help you look terrific; of course if people happen to think you're a professional bodybuilder or fitness model because of it...well, then that's a little added bonus.

Publications and Resources free from Beverly International

Beverly provides free instructional newsletters, magazines, seminars, direct consultations and free customer hotlines to guarantee you have all the know-how you require to achieve your greatest potential. Beverly International publishes the "No Nonsense Newsletter," a comprehensive guide to bodybuilding and fitness contest preparation, online informational reports and articles on nutrition, training and contests. At, we send every customer who orders products on our website a FREE No Nonsense Newsletter even if you don't order Beverly International products, that's how much we trust the Beverly International product line. You really do get what you pay for!

We ALWAYS welcome personal reviews of Beverly International products that have worked for you, simply log into our site and submit your review, it's that simple.

The Beverly International Promise

Integrity, quality and service are the pillars that guide Beverly International's every action. The same principles that Jim Heflin founded the company on decades ago are the same principles you can expect from Beverly International today and into the future. You can count on our training and advice to be sound and effective. You can trust that they will always place the needs of you, the client, ahead of everything else, and you can be sure that the ingredient listed every single Beverly International muscle building supplement is really in there AND in the right proportions AND it’s of the highest quality, purest grade available. Beverly International protein supplements WILL do what they are designed to do. You WILL SEE RESULTS and they won’t be hard to identify.

In the very unlikely event that Beverly International's tested and proven muscle-building supplements do not deliver the results they promise…we will quickly and cheerfully do whatever it takes to make it right, even if it means fully refunding your purchase price! Use Beverly International products as pre-workout supplements or post-workout supplements and start seeing positive changes!