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Betancourt Nutrition

Jorge Betancourt, a bodybuilder and entrepreneur, joined forces with his wife to create a product line that bodybuilders and serious weight trainers could use to get the results they have always dreamed of. Jorge Betancourt knows that consumers want a product that delivers results, if it doesn’t they will go find something else that does. This drives Betancourt and his wife to produce high quality supplements that really work.

The first Betancourt Nutrition product ever created was Ripped Juice, a revolutionary fat-burner. Ripped Juice helps men and women lose body fat, allowing them to achieve a lean and tone body. Ripped Juice EX2 and Ripped Juice Extreme rapidly stimulate the breakdown of body fat and convert it into usable energy. These revolutionary supplements help you sustain mental energy, performance and mood while suppressing binge eating behaviors. Another Ripped Juice product, Ripped Juice Concentrated, is one of the world’s first liquefied stimulytic agents. Every serving contains 1657 milligrams of 20 carefully chosen nutrients and botanical extracts that allow you to maximize mood, energy and motivation.

Big Blend by Betancourt is an advanced protein supplement that nurtures your stretched and strained muscle by feeding them proteins from casein, milk, brown rice and whey. Not only does it taste good, the included low-calorie and low-glycemic brown rice bran stimulate your digestive track and help optimize the anabolic efficiency of Big Blend. This revolutionary protein supplement supports protein synthesis in the whole body, allowing you to achieve maximum results.

If you are looking for a sweet way to gain muscle, try the “addictively sweet” Betancourt chewies. The Betancourt chewies taste so good elite athletes swear they’re eating muscle-building candy. The chewies contain branch chain amino acids which are used as building blocks in the synthesis of muscle proteins. Betancourt chewies also support muscle recovery of protein balance after workouts.

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