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BeautyFit BeautyWhey
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BeautyFit BeautyWhey | Now On Sale at TigerFitness

You Asked For A Protein Shake With Gourmet Taste.

You Asked For A Protein Made With Clinically Proven Ingredients That Support Fat Loss & Muscle Tone.

Introducing BeautyWhey® - The Gourmet Protein Shake!

After 2 years of taste testing and the sampling
of hundreds of prototypes, the researchers at BeautyFit® unveil the
best-tasting protein in the history of sports supplementation.
BeautyWhey® is the final evolution in protein and will set the standard
by which taste is measured in the industry! Top female competitors
needing a delicious protein boost while leaning down for photo shoots
and guest appearances are literally addicted to the flavor. Yes, it's
REALLY that good. But BeautyWhey® is also low in carbs and made with a
unique timed-release protein matrix that helps you lose fat without
losing muscle while you diet. It also contains ingredients proven in
university research to increase muscle tone, strength, stamina and
overall power. Fortified with Calcium, EFAs, Inulin, Taurine, MCTs,
Lecithin and other performance nutrients, BeautyWhey® is the better



Beautiful Taste!

The formula starts with the cleanest protein
sources commercially available and combines it with Nu Creamer High
Oleic EFAs. This unique combination gives BeautyWhey® an ice-cream
parlor milkshake taste unlike anything you've ever experienced. We're so
confident that this is the absolute best tasting protein powder ever
formulated that we openly challenge any of our competitors to match our
flavor! There's only one BeautyWhey® formula. One drink and you'll know
what the buzz is about.

Professional Grade Ingredients

BeautyWhey®  starts with 15 grams of
professional-grade protein in every scoop. No fillers or impurities that
you don't need, just what you do need. Every batch is lab tested to
ensure it delivers maximum protein potency and is free of any
impurities. The formula is then processed in our state-of-the-art U.S.
approved manufacturing facility where it's filtered and agglomerated so
that it's lactose free and mixes with a spoon! No blender required. Each
scoop makes up one serving and contains 150 calories, 15 grams of
protein, 6 grams of carbs, 1 gram of fiber and ZERO grams of saturated
fat! It's the perfect protein treat.

Zero Lactose

BeautyWhey® is absolutely delicious but it also
contains absolutely no lactose making it suitable for those who can't
tolerate dairy products due to lactose intolerance.

Powdered EFAs

In a multiyear collaboration, BeautyFit®'s
research team has worked with top protein manufacturers to find a way to
stabilize Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) in a powder form! After 2 years
of trial and error, a breakthrough evolved and BeautyFit® is proud to
announce that they have developed the world's first sunflower oil
encapsulated inside caseinate protein. The EFA's are actually contained
within the caseinate, which shields them from the harsh acids in your
stomach and digestive tract.

Maximize Fat Loss

Whether your cutting down on a low-carb diet or
low-fat diet, BeautyWhey® will get you there…FAST! The timed-release
formula minimizes insulin response while feeding your muscle the
high-quality protein needed for a fit and healthy body. The unique
combination of ingredients also reduces appetite which is essential to
weight loss. For optimal fat-loss support, take your first serving of
BeautyWhey® in the morning at the same time as your fat burner. Take a
second serving after training or before bedtime to help you increase
recovery, burn fat and spare muscle.

Proven To Help Tone Muscle

Besides it's outstanding taste profile,
BeautyWhey® also contains key ingredients proven in university research
to increase muscle tone, strength and stamina.

Added Calcium

Each serving contains over 25% of your Daily
Value for calcium which is essential for maintaining healthy bones, but
it's also a very important mineral involved with fat loss.

The Whey To A Beautiful Body

Experience the gourmet protein flavor of
BeautyWhey® by mixing one scoop with 6oz. of cold water, juice, milk or
your favorite beverage. Enjoy in the morning as a pick-me-up shake or
after a workout to speed recovery. Or drink before bed to help prevent
catabolism. Whenever you need a performance protein, BeautyWhey®has you

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