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Axis Labs Hypertest XTR
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Supplement Facts

Axis Labs Hypertest XTR | Now on Sale at TigerFitness

Product Highlights:

  • No Proprietary Blends
  • Supports both Total-T and Free-T
  • Helps Build Muscle Mass through Protein Synthesis
  • Boosts Recovery
  • Promotes-T Through Cortisol Control
  • D-Aspartic Acid 3,120mg
  • LJ100 200mg
  • ZMA Full Serving

Axis Labs Hypertest XTR is one selection out of many natural test boosters sold at TigerFitness. Axis Labs HyperTest XTR is precision formulated to promote testosterone levels for an effective anabolic response. HyperTest XTR is a testosterone boosting complex designed to increase both kinds of testosterone (Total-T and Free-T).*

The meticulously-engineered formula in HyperTest XTR utilizes a four-tier system to maximize your results:

1. First, HyperTest XTR contains a full serving of anabolic minerals, ZMA, to support tissue repair, cellular growth, energy production, and the maintenance of a healthy immune system during a healthy night's sleep.*

2. Second, the Total T Optimizer uses the full 3,120mg of D-Aspartic Acid to optimize your body's own production of testosterone serum.*

3. Third, the Free-T Activator allows your body to release free testosterone from binding proteins, enabling the anabolic hormones to stimulate muscle growth and libido.*

4. Lastly, HyperTest XTR has a unique Cortisol Neutralizer that will help your body cope with stress and help promote muscle gains after strenuous exercise.*

The synergistic combination of these four complexes is designed to turbo charge your testosterone production to impressive levels without the side effects of harmful steroids.*

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