Adaptogen Science AIT | 56 Capsules
Adaptogen Science AIT | 56 Capsules
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Adaptogen Science AIT

Oh, yeah, buddy: you’ve got it. Long weeks of heavy pumping, your training partner singing the same song on your ear in every workout (“Burn, baby! Burn!”), strong dieting and a sound pro hormone cycle. You’re glad with the results and you worth having gone every night to the bed blessed with Arnold’s philosophy of no pain, no gain.
Thus, towards the end of a typical 6-8cycle, you’ve have gained considerable muscle and strength.


  • SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin) is a protein produced primarily in the liver, although the testes, uterus, brain, and placenta also synthesize it. It serves as a transport carrier, shuttling estrogen and testosterone to sex hormone receptors throughout your body. SHBG also safeguards these vital hormones from degrading too rapidly and prevents their clearance from the body.
  • It thus acts as the master regulator of your sex hormone levels, maintaining the delicate balance between estrogen and testosterone critical to overall health and to the maintenance of your gains.
  • This complicated molecule itself plays another key role in the body: conveying essential signals to the heart, the brain and adipose (fat) tissue that ensure their optimal function. Mother nature even gave you a special SHBG receptor molecule on cell surfaces that functions much like the ubiquitous vitamin D receptor protein, helping cells communicate with one another. In other words, SHBG itself functions much like a hormone.
  • Most testosterone circulating in the bloodstream is bound to either SHBG
  • (60%) or albumin (38%): only a small fraction (2%) is unbound or “free” (pal, are you still with me?).
  • Testosterone binds more tightly to SHBG than to albumin. Consequently, only albumin-bound testosterone and free testosterone constitute the bioavailable forms of testosterone, which are accessible to target tissues and carry out the actions of the essential hormone. So, in a nutshell, the bioavailability of testosterone is influenced by the level of SHBG.
  • Now, we’re talking. The balance between estrogen and testosterone is extremely important for you: what is disastrous for you is excess estrogen. An effective post cycle therapy must provide you with a powerful natural selective estrogen receptor modulator, preventing the catastrophe of estrogen dominance after weeks of blood, sweat and tears and assuring an balanced environment between estrogen and testosterone.


  • Adaptogen Science’s AIT® is an innovative formula designed to support yourgains, while keeping SHBG in check.


  • Heavy workout fellows using pro-hormone cyclesexperience both an increase in aromatase activity and an elevation in SHBGproduction. The net result is an increase in the ratio of estrogen totestosterone and a decrease in total and free testosterone levels: for theirown sake, it is crucial that this skewed ratio be balanced.
  • After a cycle is discontinued, the prohormonesused rapidly leave the body and many guys may bedelusional enough to think the gains made while they’re on cycle were all downto them.
  • The ideal formula must provide you with thepower of speeding the pre-cycle environment, thus controlling aromataseactivity. The ingredients for that goes as follows:

Tinospora cordifolia

  • Theperennial herb Tinospora cordifoliais distributed throughout the tropical and subtropical Indian subcontinent andChina. In India, it is fairly common inhabitant of deciduous and dry forests,growing over hedges and small trees. It is one of the major constituent ofseveral Ayurvedic preparation used preferably for general debility, dyspepsia,fever and urinary diseases.
  • Apart frommany other studies, the hepato-protective and anti-aromatase potentialsvalidated with respect to Tinosporacordifolia by scientific research includes:
  • normalization of altered liver functions caused byalcohol consumption;
  • anti-hepatotoxic activity in toxin induced liverdamage;
  • significant increment in the functional capacities ofperitoneal macrophages;
  • prevention of anti-tubercular drugs and bile saltsinduced hepatic damage ;
  • activity against jaundice and hepatitis B and C
  • The chemicalconstituents reported in Tinosporacordiofolia belongs to different classes such as alkaloids, di-terpenoidlactones, glycosides, steroids, sesquiterpenoids, phenolics, aliphaticcompounds and polysaccharides.
  • This potentformula allows you to obtain a huge variety of benefits linked to your goals:

Increase your LBM

  • Decrease your subcutaneouswater retention
  • Promote a lean, dry, vascularlook
  • Give profound strengthincreases
  • Boost confidence and mood

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