ALRI Glyco Infusion 48 serving
ALRI Glyco Infusion
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ALRI Glyco Infusion | Ultra Volumizing Glycogen Overload Matrix

Glyco-Infusion™ is the leader in glycogen super-overload drinks. The formula is pre-digested so your body can utilize the carbs immediately giving you better, longer performance. Anyone can benefit from Glyco-Infusion™. The benefits of Glyco-Infusion™ make it the perfect pre, intra, and post workout carb supplement.

What are you looking for from your carb product? How about extreme muscle size, optimal digestive system clearance (your muscles will get it immediately), off the charts nutrient infusion and prolonged performance and energy. I'm pretty sure we can all use more of those.

What does ALR Industries Glyco-Infusion™ give you?

Hydrolyzed Rice Syrup Solids:

Yes, that sounds weird, but just read on. A structurally controlled enzyme hydrolysis (pre-digestion) procedure creates the perfect combination of fast, medium, and slow acting carbohydrates. This keeps you from having excessive insulin spikes while still allowing a glycogen super-overload. Your recovery will far exceed what it was with dextrose, waxy maize, or other carbohydrates. Even people with diabetes, glucose intolerance and low-carb dieters can use Glyco-Infusion™.

MCT Oil (From coconut oil):

Medium Chain Triglycerides are the "fat-less fat". MCTs inhibit fat storage and are directed straight to the liver where they are converted to ketones. Ketones are used for immediate energy at the same time as carbohydrates so you get greater cellular up-take. MCTs give you all the benefits of fat without any of the negative effects. This fat will actually help your body increase its metabolic rate.

Digestive Enzyme Matrix:

Everything about Glyco-Infusion™ makes sure your body is assimilated the product immediately. You won't be throwing your money down the toilet, if you know what I mean. Endurance and recovery will excel due to the superior nutrient intake with Glyco-Infusion™.

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