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4 Tips to Help You Recover From a Holiday Binge

By: Marc Lobliner

You did everything correct leading up to Thanksgiving. You read my last article and were determined.

You had one scoop of MTS Nutrition Machine Whey ready for the pre-meal, anti-binge arsenal. You looked down, flexed your abs, and were in the zone.

Then you sat down at the table.

You had the eye of the tiger. Focused. In the zone. Ready to conquer all food that tempted you.

Then IT happened.

From the kitchen your Grandma’s sweet potato pie let out this delicious odor that excited all of your olfactory senses. It started in your nose, moved down into your throat and stomach, then back up to your brain.

And at that point, the pleasure senses that control your sexual urges could no longer contain your desire. Having lost your mind, the urge to sing along with Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” took over.

The pleasure sense made it loud and clear what needed to be done. At that point you said to yourself, “Eff it, it’s time to eat.”

And eat you did.

You ate it all. The Turkey leg as big as the shit they serve at Disney. The stuffing, the sweet potato pie covered in marshmallows, a pint of gravy, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole covered in fried onions and gravy, and of course...about half of a sweet potato pie with about a tub of Cool Whip on top plus some ice cream.

Now you can't move. And even worse, you fear that all of your gainz will be lost. Well guess what, they won’t!

It's now a week after the binge. You've hopped back on your plan. You are set on a mission to get rid of this extra “baggage” before the next risky proposal, Christmas.

But if you haven’t hopped back on the GAINZ wagon, I will offer 4 tips to help YOU get back on track!

4 Post-Binge Recovery Tips

Tip #1 - Do NOT Go Keto, Starve or Panic

That’s the worst thing you could do. The key to dieting is to slowly progress in fat loss. Use this slip-up as a tool.

You gave your body one helluva refeed, and by resuming where you were in your program (for example, if you were at 3,200 calories, go back to 3,200 calories), you will experience great fat loss results. If bulking, you might need to scale back a bit to keep those gainz LEAN! That is up to you.

Tip #2 - Don't Sweat it Out

This is stupid. Water weight loss will lead to transient, temporary weight loss. This is NOT fat loss, and fat loss is what we are after!

Wearing a rubber suit is not the way to go.

Tip #3 - Don’t Be a Cardio Bunny

Making up a deficit through cardio is similar to starving. You don’t want to over-cut your calories, and you also don’t want to overdo the deficit-creation with cardio.

Therefore, put your cardio right back to where it was before the binge.

Tip #4 - Lift!

Lifting will help get things moving again. Not to mention that the increased caloric intake and substrate in your body might prove to help you hit some epic PR’s in the gym.

So lift some damn weight.

There you have to deal with a momentary lapse in physique-enthusiasm and make even MORE GAINZ from it!

Now get back to making gainz. Gotta look good for those Christmas parties!