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360Cut 360STIM
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360Cut 360STIM | Now on Sale at TigerFitness

Strongest focus formula available
Fast acting, fast absorbing, sustained energy
No crash



Youíve tried the others and they just donít provide the same kick that they used to. Now itís time to switch to 360STIMô. 360STIMô provides the fast-acting, sustained energy, fat burning effect in an easy single capsule that your body craves without the bad crash. Donít wait!! Unleash the fury and give your body the energy blast that it needs.*


Caffeine Anhydrous is a central nervous stimulant, can be specifically beneficial for extended, exhaustive and high intensity exercise. Blocks inhibitory neurotransmitter Adenosine, increasing the firing of neurons and the concentration of neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine

Synephrine HCL is derived from the Citrus aurantium fruit, which is used for a variety of purposes in traditional Chinese medicine. Synephrine provides several of the same benefits as ephedrine, but does not cause near the same amount of ďside effectsď such as increased heart rate or blood pressure. Benefits include: increased alertness, energy, metabolism, appetite reduction and thermogenic fat burning.

PEA is a naturally occurring substance found in such items as blue-green algae, salami, bologna, and chocolate. Some of PEAís benefits include increasing concentration, and elevating mood. It has also been shown to enhance norepinephrine transmission in the brain. Norepinephrine is also involved in the experience of joy. Enhancing norepinephrine transmission in the brain increases the experience of joy and reduces appetite

Hordenine is a naturally occurring alkaloid found in plant-life like barley. Itís known to have cognitive-enhancing benefits like improving mental focus and boosting concentration. It also can lift mood and provide energy. Hordenine is known to have cognitive enhancing properties like improving mental focus and boosting concentration.

Bacopa is a creeping perennial herb that thrives in wetlands and on muddy shores. Its therapeutic use has its origins in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, where it has been used for its adaptogenic, tranquilizing, and antioxidant properties. Bacopa may improve brain function, memory, and concentration.

Green Tea especially when extracted for high levels of a catechin called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) is an anti-oxidant powerhouse, potent fat burner and all around health super food. Green tea has the ability to increase norephedrine levels, thereby stimulating fat mobilization and usage for energy and promotes thermogenesis, upregulating the bodyís metabolism while at work and at rest.

Rhodiola is an herb that has a wide and varied history of uses. It is thought to strengthen the nervous system, fight depression, enhance immunity, elevate the capacity for exercise, enhance memory, aid weight reduction, increase sexual function and improve energy levels. It has long been known as a potent adaptogen. Adaptogens are substances that increase the body's overall resistance and help to normalize bodily functions.

Schizandra has been used as a tonic and restorative, as well as for liver protection, nervous system effects, respiratory treatment, and GI therapy. Traditional Chinese Medicine has long used Schizandra to treat stress-induced lack of energy and nervous exhaustion.

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