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Blended Protein Powders on sale!

Blended protein powders also known as multi-species proteins are a very popular protein choice among bodybuilders, athletes, and like minded health conscious individuals. Most blended protein powders will contain a mixture of whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, egg albumin, casein, and sometimes soy protein powder.

Blended proteins provide your muscles a time-released feeding that will help you build lean muscle mass. Blended protein powders are sometimes a great tasting choice to add to your protein supplementation regimen.
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Blended Protein Powders

Protein deficiencies cause people to develop many kinds of illnesses, but unhealthy lifestyles, drug usage, infections, and traumas could limit protein absorption needed for healthy growth, immunity resistance, and muscle-building. Protein powders offer one of the best bargains in the supplement industry. Most powders come from formulations of whey, egg albumin, and other readily available natural products.

Whey comes from milk, a byproduct of the cheese-making process, and provides beta-lactogobulin, serum albumin, and alpha-lactalbumin. These efficient compounds digest easily and quickly, making them great resources for recovering from illnesses. Low in calories but high in nutrients, protein powders have very neutral flavors, making them ideal for blending in shakes with other ingredients.

Hydrolyzing whey proteins breaks down the amino acid chains, so these powders digest even more readily. Unfortunately, these peptides serve as secondary ingredients in blended powders because the hydrolyzing process creates nasty aftertaste in powders.