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"MHP Fueled by Passion...Building Champions"

Maximum Human Performance (MHP) is dedicated to providing you with the most effective, highest quality, research based and athlete tested sports nutrition products possible. MHP's President, Gerard Dente, is a lifetime veteran in the bodybuilding arena and sports nutrition industry. As a competitive bodybuilder, Gerard relied heavily on supplementation to look and perform at his absolute best. However, he always felt there was a need for better and more innovative muscle building and performance enhancing products in the industry. His passion for bodybuilding and quest for better nutrition eventually led to the creation of MHP, one of the most innovative sports nutrition brands on the market today. From day one, MHP's corporate mission has been to develop and introduce new breakthroughs in sports supplementation to help athletes achieve maximum human performance.

Tricky and Gerard
Victor and Gerard

Thanks to MHP's unwavering commitment to innovation, research and supreme product quality, this supplement giant has experienced a rapid climb to the top. They have brought to our industry many new products and technologies that have helped millions achieve their goals.

Building a New Breed of Champions

MHP products are the trusted brand of many World Champions, bodybuilders and strength athletes. MHP's advanced formulas are creating a new breed of super champions like Victor Martinez, Phil Pfister, Derek Poundstone and Ryan Kennelly. And what's most important to know is that these athletes don't just endorse MHP products, they actually use them and rely on them to be their best.

MHP products... the best science has to offer to get the RESULTS you need to achieve your personal best!

Victor Martinez
Victor Martinez
(2007 Arnold Classic Champion,
2007 Mr. Olympia Runner Up)
Phil Pfister
Phil Pfister
(World's Strongest Man 2006)
Kennelly Brawler
Ryan Kennelly
(1,074 pound World's
Bench Press Record)

MHP is committed to developing the most advanced supplements so you can achieve Maximum Human Performance.

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MHP 8-hour Alert
MHP 8-hour Alert 14ct
List Price: $11.99
Our Price: $6.75
You save $5.24!

Stop “crashing” and overspending on energy shots!
Dopamite 60ct. MHP
MHP Dopamite 60ct.
List Price: $39.99
Our Price: $22.49
You save $17.50!

DOPAMITE belongs to the new class of weight management aids known as dopaminergics.

MHP Fit Trainer
MHP Fit Trainer 40serv.
List Price: $49.99
Our Price: $29.99
You save $20.00!

Energy - Power – Endurance-Muscle Building-Fat Burning-Recovery.
MHP Dark Matter Zero Carb
MHP Dark Matter Zero Carb 40serv.
List Price: $49.99
Our Price: $31.69
You save $18.30!

Fast Impact Insulinotropic Amino Acids. Peptide Bonded Glutamine. 10:1:1 BCAA Complex Triggers Protein Synthesis.
8 Hour Alert  - MHP
MHP 8-hour Alert Case of 6
List Price: $71.94
Our Price: $40.49
You save $31.45!

Stop “crashing” and overspending on energy shots!
MHP Amidren Andro-T
MHP Amidren Andro-T 60ct.
List Price: $69.99
Our Price: $40.99
You save $29.00!

MHP Amidren Andro-T | Now on Sale at TigerFitness

The once daily formula to help combat Andropause. Doctor formulated for men over 40. Increase testosterone production. Maintain lean muscle mass and decrease body fat. Heighten energy levels, sex drive and physical performance. All men are affected by Andropause, the male version of Menopause as they age. Amidren Andro-T is the first formula designed specifically for men to help combat some of the symptoms of Andropause.

Breakthrough research shows that the select ingredients used in Amidren Andro-T may help reduce some of the symptoms of Andropause such as decrease sex drive, mood changes, increase body fat, low energy, loss of lean muscle and decrease bone mass. Formulated by specialists in the field of anti-aging and natural hormone modulation, Amidren Andro-T has been carefully formulated by physicians to address Andropause using an advance 5 Stage Hormone Modulation approach to help you "Live at your peak."