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Power, Purity, and Performance "Makers of Primaldrol 4000, Diamond Fire X7, and VME!

Panthera Pharmaceuticals formulates, manufactures and markets sports nutrition products which address the unique dietary requirements of those athletes who are seeking to maximize, fuel and realize goals that cannot be achieved through rigorous training alone.

Our commitment to our clients nutritional supplement requirements rivals or exceeds any quality standards maintained by our competition. Our President has over 40 years experience within the competitive bodybuilding, power lifting and fitness arena.

Our cutting edge Panthera product line is formulated in house with and by biochemists who have first hand input from many individuals- male and female - who engage in extreme training programs.

Every Panthera formulation product is reviewed for efficacy, dosage strengths and counter indications by our in house registered and practicing Pharmacists. We produce all products in house-- in our own manufacturing facility. Our facility is cGMP certified by the Natural Products Association and is New York State and U.S. FDA registered and inspected.
Medical and nutritional professionals also serve as consultants to Panthera. We continue to work closely with sales, marketing and R&D professionals representing DSM, AlzChem, Glanbia, Sabinsa and Fuji Health Sciences across a wide spectrum of innovative and unique nutritional products focused on improving the quality of muscular endurance and recovery from extreme muscular exertion. Prior to offering finished products to the market, all products are subject to personal evaluation by numerous professional trainers, fitness models, cross-trainers, competitive power lifters and nationally ranked IFBB and NPC Bodybuilding Champions.

Our Team Panthera is represented by Dave Hawk, NPC Mr. Pittsburgh 2012, IFBB Figure Pro-- Kiana Phi, NPC SuperHeavyWeight Amateur Contender, Samuel Ford, one of America's most powerful athletes--Richard Butz, great regional NPC Natural Champions Joe Toth and Linda Reho, a tremendously powerful and gifted athlete/personal trainer/gym owner Jerry Edwards, fitness athlete and model Natalie Mazziotta, personal trainer and model Fabiana Mulzac, Men's Physique phenoms Wade Hayes and Alex Atanasov, bodybuilder and NYU PhD candidate Sharif Tabbah and NPC Figure Competitor Vivian Aiello. I train daily with the gentleman featured in our home page video--Darryl Skiba. No man I have ever witnessed training in a gym--from Arnold on down-- guts out a set like Darryl does. He pits every fiber of his being in an enormous struggle between human form and cold steel from rep 1, set 1 to set 20, 10th rep--full bore.

Our product line has been extensively advertised in Muscular Development, Flex, Iron Man and RX Fitness Hers. Since we began to ship in May 2008 our products and, in some cases, our entire line have been brought on by The Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, High Health, Vitadigest,, and Europa. We are confident that the consumer benefits from the extra care, research, and effort that go into every Panthera Labs product. Every Panthera Lab product is 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
I personally formulate every product manufactured and sold by our company. My partners, Asha and Jitendra Patel and our associate Chetan--all biochemists with advanced degrees--review, advise and often lend suggestions which improve my original concepts. I personally consume the products we manufacture and I attest to their efficacy--try training with me will have one of the greatest workouts of you life. Honest.